Honey Bee Survivability & Succeeding as a Beekeeper
This is a website dedicated to helping beekeepers all over South Carolina stay informed with the business of beekeeping and Honey Bees.  If you are visiting this page to understand more about Honey Bees you are in the right place too.  

To Contact any member of the SCBA Executive Board click here.


Joint Beekeeping Conference Feb.5-7 at Union Agriculture Center Register Online for the NC/SC Joint Meeting ....click here.  

Note:  For South Carolina members, you will register as a NC member, but will not be required to enter a County and NC ID #.  

Download Registration Form click here

Note:  The Thursday Short Course has been canceled.  
Dr. Ambrose (who was teaching the class) passed away last week.


2014 THEME 
HoneyBee Survivability and Succeeding as a Beekeeper


The Executive Board met November 7 to discuss future plans for 2015.  

Next meeting is scheduled to meet at the Joint Meeting in Feb 5, 6 &7  Any state members are welcome to come.

Honey bees are very important to SC because of the large number agriculture farms.  Honey bees benefit all crops, gardens, trees and flowers.   For the State of SC Blooms are important to beekeepers.  click here to see the list of plants for SC.

Interested in starting a hive of honey bees 

Most local associations conduct winter or early spring beginner beekeeping classes. 
To find an association click here...


Bee Removal If you are having an issue with honeybees on your property, please contact a local beekeeper.  Click here to see a list Local Associations.  There is also additional resources click here.

We are on the cutting edge of research but to make that happen we need funds to get these projects done.  If you would like to donate click here...


Recent Publications & Resources

This booklet is published by the USDA.  It is a great resource for anyone looking for information on all types of pollinators.  It also is beautifully illustrated.  click here to view or download

Tami Enright for The Bee Cause was quoted in a recent article in the Synergies-A Reader for Regional Sustainability

EAS Fall Journal 2013-Take time to look thru the articles and pictures.  EAS stands for Eastern Apicultural Society Click here to learn more....   

Catch the Buzz by Kim Flottum, Bee Culture  In this article Kim explains research findings that indicate that the Queen Bee gives signals are deeper than the pheromones she puts out.  More on Kim Flottum .....


The North Carolina State Beekeepers Association (NCSBA) is hosting the joint North Carolina and South Carolina Beekeepers Spring Conference in Monroe, NC at the Union County Cooperative Extension Center on February 5, 6, & 7, 2015. The theme for this conference is 

“Protecting Our Bees.” 

For More info click here or click below for registration form

TO REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT:  Go to www.ncbeekeepers.org  or click below to download a registration form 

Note:  For South Carolina members, you will register as a NC member, but will not be required to enter a County and NC ID #.  

FYI:  For SC State Members, you will pay the NCSBA rate $25 for individual and $30 for Family.

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