How sweet it is...  Honey bees are important for our sustainability and the most efficient sustainable system on earth.  Everything they need they produce themselves.  Everything they produce we can use for food, food additives, food seasoning, beneficial health products, beauty products, household products and beneficial candles.  Everything they produce, use and discard, we can recycle back into the hive or use for household remedies.  That is not to mention the pollination service they provide. 

Let's Celebrate the Honeybee Today and Always!    

2014 THEME 
HoneyBee Survivability and Succeeding as a Beekeeper
The Summer Meeting Registration is CLOSED.
Early Registration is closed for the Summer Conference. If you would like to register please down the mail in form. Bring your fee + $10 and form to the registration table at the conference.

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New Information-Read below
  MBP Journeyman Short Course-If you are registered or have not registered, you can still register the short class by going to State Instructional Classes and register for the class.  When you arrive at conference you can pay the total registration cost.  You have opportunities to take your beekeeper level to the next level with the Journeyman Short Course.  Hobbyist, and Old Timers will gain beekeeping knowledge.  We ask that when you register please indicate if you and your guest will be sitting in on the course. Written Exams & Practical Exams-All level exams will be given on Friday.  The requirements are listed here to review them
Honey Judging 411....Now is the time to start preparing your show honey and beeswax. Pouring the honey ahead of time gives time to for all air bubbles out to rise to the top. Make sure to pick the best jar and lid. No serial numbers on jar or other marks including your finger prints. 
Bees Wax must weigh 1 lb. or no more than more than 1 lb. 1oz. No trash in your wax, corners smooth, surface smooth, shine it with something silk, etc.
Entry deadlines...This year honey will be accepted on Thursday from 12pm till 1:00pm, Friday morning 7:30am till after 1st break. All awards for honey and wax will be given out Saturday morning.
Check out Youtube videos to help you prepare your honey and beeswax:

SC Beekeepers Survey-We would like to know about you.  What you do as a beekeeper? Do you provide beekeeping product or service?  These statistics will be given at the meeting.  No information you give will be given out to anyone.
Present Your Beekeeping Posters-If you are one of those people that can produce an educational poster, we want to see them.  We ask that they would backed by foamcore board.
Friday Night BBQ Super-We will enjoy a bluegrass band while we enjoy the BBQ.

SC HoneyBee Research Grant 
What research projects do you want to see accomplished that will help SC Beekeepers.  Help Beekeepers in honey production, pest control, eliminating colony deaths, and proven survivability methods.  Please contact Kerry Owens email or call 864-898-5122.
Hive Scale Report

FDA Looking at Bee Sting Therapy 

Click below to view the 2014 Summer Update
The July Update helps to give you a picture of what is happening in the State of SC.

July 28 - August 1, 2014  
Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kentucky

Registration for Dorms, Meals, and Special Events has been extended to midnight, Sunday, July 13

“Esprit de Bee!” will be this years theme in honor of troops returning from Afghanistan and the 100th anniversary of the Smith-Lever Act. Come to the lectures and hands on training from some the foremost honey bee experts in the world, such as Jennifer Berry, Dianna Sammataro, Micheal Palmer, Dewey Caron, Jeff Harris, Maryann Frazier, and Wyatt Mangum and a whole host of other local and international experts.

New Content for the SC State Fair-Registration Entries are NOW being accepted for honey, beeswax judging and honey bee education presentations. Click here for more info

Honey bees are very important to SC because of the large number agriculture farms.  Honey bees benefit all crops, gardens, trees and flowers.   For the State of SC Blooms are important to beekeepers.  click here to see the list of plants for SC.

Interested in starting a hive of honey bees Most local associations conduct winter or early spring beginner beekeeping classes. 
To find an association click here...

We are on the cutting edge of research but to make that happen we need funds to get these projects done.  If you would like to donate click here...

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"SC State Beekeepers" is on Facebook .  Post ads for beekeeping equipment, share tips, photos, or ask questions. 
Pipeline Packaging Company
Bottling Company moves to Charlotte, NC
One major out-of- pocket annual expense for all beekeepers is purchasing cases of honey jars and lids. Great news for the South Carolina Beekeepers members. Your SCBA Officers have negotiated an agreement with Pipeline Packaging Company to provide glassware and other bee supplies, at a reduced price, along with no shipping charges under certain situations. Pipeline Packaging Company has been one of our major vendors at both the spring and summer meetings. Click on the link provided to learn more about how your bee club can save your members money.

SC State Members wishing to make a bulk purchases from Pipeline Packaging, Call Matthew Coats 864-422-4271  - These prices are good through July.

Please note:  The agreement between Pipeline Packaging Company has changed.  Prices listed in the 2014 Price List are only valid through July 14.  

Bill Grayson SCBA President-Elect
revised information as June 10
Spring Meeting Information
Best Beekeeping Practices by Mell Wallace
Miller Method by Mark Sweatman
Queen Rearing for SCBA by Dwight Porter
Click on the above links, the PowerPoint Show will download to your download folder on your computer.  Go to the download and click to open the PowerPoint Show. You will then have to press your Enter button or Right Arrow button to advance the slides. 

Recent Publications
EAS Fall Journal 2013-Take time to look thru the articles and pictures.  EAS stands for Eastern Apicultural Society Click here to learn more....   

Catch the Buzz by Kim Flottum, Bee Culture  In this article Kim explains research findings that indicate that the Queen Bee gives signals are deeper than the pheromones she puts out.  More on Kim Flottum .....

July 28 - August 1, 2014

Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kentucky

Registration for Dorms, Meals, and Special Events has been extended to midnight, Sunday, July 13


In Eastern Kentucky, when we are excited about the future, we say “we are fixing” to do something or go somewhere.  This colloquialism implies that Kentuckians are problem-solving people, one reason I’ve been partial to using it.


“Esprit de Bee!” will be this years theme in honor of troops returning from Afghanistan and the 100th anniversary of the Smith-Lever Act.  Come to the lectures and hands on training from some the foremost honey bee experts in the world, such as Jennifer Berry, Dianna Sammataro, Micheal Palmer, Dewey Caron, Jeff Harris, Maryann Frazier, and Wyatt Mangum and a whole host of other local and international experts.

We are a private non-profit organization dedicated to education and advocacy ensuring that South Carolina beekeepers have the information & tools they need to meet the challenges of modern beekeeping.

Published on Mar 2, 2013

A short film about honey bees by Peter Nelson. Original score by John Powell. Narrated by Bill McKibben. 
Filmed as part of the Miro Inspiration Challenge sponsored by Vision Research and Abel Cine.


Our mission also includes public education as we strive to provide individuals, and public and private organizations with factual and up to date information about the honey bee, beekeeping, and its importance to our food supply. We have 19 local beekeeping associations in South Carolina with members who are ready willing and able to talk to you about beekeeping in our state and if you ask, might be willing to tell you where you can get good, wholesome, local honey. As the man on television used to say...

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