Continuing Hook Ups

05 Aug 2013 11:08 AM | Cynthia Robinson (Administrator)
It has been slow progress to make the hook up of the hive scale.  Been working on different projects away from the farm and had little time to focus on making final adjustments for data to flow from the hive scale.  Paul and Bobby are working with me to make all the connections and answering questions.  

The scale is working but not yet sending data out.  There has to be another step in the process, not sure what that is but learning as we go. Today, we are going to lay the coax cable down that feeds the data from the scale to the router then to the server and to your computers (simplified version).  

I sit on the edge of my seat knowing in less than 24 hours, people from around the world can know what our honey bees are doing at MamaBeehive Honey Farm.  Whether they are taking a cleansing flight, bringing in nectar & pollen, making honey or anything.  Stay tuned!
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