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13 Aug 2013 2:14 PM | Cynthia Robinson (Administrator)
A lot has happened since I last blogged.  Sally and I had to make a small trench in her yard, which was about 100'.  I made the trench but was unable to lay the cable that day.  

Up until Saturday it was sitting in her office.  Back tracking to the Monday before....There was troubleshooting with Paul on the phone to get connected.  When working with routers and modems you have to know what you are doing.  Or someone has to have a clue-Thank God for Paul Volk.  I knew just enough to find the buttons to click on.  Anyway we got connected.

Saturday is the day we lay the cable and install the hive scale outside.  I had contacted Jonathan Williams prior to Saturday and he truly is a lovable little geek.  He came out to lend a hand.  He had run cable before so his job was to get us out of the office, under the house, through the cactus garden, down the driveway and to the hive.  May i add it was blazing hot!!  In the middle of it, the question was asked whatever happened to wireless?  We will get to that later.......
We connected the hive scale and it works.  You can now see the York Hive Scale online at at SC003.

Wireless connections requires an additional cost of about $100 (not included in the research grant). It is definitely a cost worth considering.  Sweating is no fun and digging in dirt is horrible on the manicure.

Cynthia Robinson

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