South Carolina Honored Beekeepers

South Carolina pursue greatness.  In many ways we recognize each beekeeper that have risen to the top.  Each year, SC takes submissions from across the state to name SC Beekeeper of the Year and Junior Beekeeper of the Year.  We also recognize the Clemson Extension Agents that support our beekeepers.  We strive for excellence in jarring our honey and rendering wax.  

South Carolina Beekeeper of the Year 2015

Midstate Beekeepers Association 
(List beekeeper of year, jr & agents) starting with current

Extension Agent of the Year

Bryan Smith in Laurens County

Junior Beekeeper of the Year

Brandon Diaz

List winners of honey judging for state meeting

2015 Best In Show
Joann Gabryszak

2014 Best In Show - June Ponder

Additional Winner listed below

Honey Judging Results
Light Pint 
Tracey Worley - 1st
Henry Campbell - 2nd
Gaylene Carson - 3rd

Dark Pint
June Ponder - 1st 
Jeff Blackwell - 2nd 
Gaylene Carson - 3rd

Light Quart 
Tracey Worley - 1st
David Janowski - 2nd 
Gaylene Carson - 3rd

Dark Quart 
Billy Carson - 1st
Jeff Blackwell - 2nd
Henry Campbell - 3rd

1 lb Wax block 
Loic Ropers - 1st
David Janowski - 2nd 
Billy Carson - 3rd

Black Jar 
Billy Carson - 1st
George Pearson - 2nd 
Cyndi Banks - 3rd

Best in Show 
June Ponder entry from Dark Pint category.

Honey Judge - Steve Genta
Honey Judge - Zoe Carlin

Please submit names and/or pictures by sending to

SC Master Craftman Beekeeper 

David MacFawn - Midstate  

Walter Perrin - Laurens
SC MasterBeekeepers
Donna Boozer - Lakelands  

Ralph "Buddy" May - Laurens

Staci Siler - Aiken     

Steve Genta - Piedmont   

Mell Wallace - Lakeland 

Sally Adams - York 

Charlotte Anderson - Pickens

Richard Hanks - Laurens

Bill Grayson - Laurens

Glenn Tyler

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