State Conference Events

Connect With South Carolina Beekeepers....

SC Beekeeper Events are always open to the public.  We encourage anyone to attend our events  and local association all across South Carolina.  

Our State events happen twice a year in the Spring and Summer.   We invite top honeybee researchers and scientist in the United States to speak at these conferences.  These and other Speakers bring the latest in beekeeping information and developments. Beekeeping Vendors from across the U.S. come to make beekeeping supplies available to all attendees.

Local associations have monthly meetings usually on first, second or third Thursday of each month.  Please check out our Local Associations Tab for locations.  At these meetings, you will find honey bee and beekeeping information that concern the local area.  Also contact your local association for Basic Bee School Classes.

These local associations participate at a local level for honeybee education at Festivals and other public events.  They begin their membership drives in the fall for the local and state membership.  If you are looking for events in your area, there is a local association near you, click here.

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