Master Beekeeping Program


The South Carolina Master Beekeeping program began in 1996 and is designed to provide interested students with the basic knowledge and skills needed to become successful beekeepers and to be able to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with the public.

We define a successful beekeeper as one who can keep their bees alive for at least one year and though this is not an impossible task, we have found that beekeepers who participate and complete training programs have a better chance of being successful beekeepers.

Look closer at each level:  

Certified Level    Journeyman Level    Master Beekeeper    Master Beekeeper Craftsman

There are four levels in the Master Beekeeping Program with each one progressively more difficult than the previous level both in terms of knowledge requirements and skill levels.Student knowledge and skill will be determined through written and practical tests. Also, successful participants are required to perform some form of public service.


To learn more on the different levels of training and requirements, click on the appropriate Navigation buttons to your left or click here to download the Manual


For information related to when and where Certified Beekeeping training classes will be held, contact your Local Beekeeping Association.  Information related to when and where the Journeyman, Master, and Master Craftsman classes or seminars may be held will be posted on this website under events.

In reaching your goals for Public Service Credits please download the form and complete as you sign off each credit.  Click here to PSC form

These Are Current SC MasterBeekeepers

Steve Genta - Piedmont
Charlotte Anderson -
Sally Adams - York -
Ralph "Buddy" May - Piedmont
Donna Boozer - Lakelands
Richard Paul Hanks - Laurens
Staci Siler - Aiken
Mell Wallace - Lakeland -

SC Beekeeper Master Craftsman
David MacFawn - Midstate


This training program is administered by the South Carolina Beekeepers Association. Questions related to the Master Beekeeping Program should be directed to


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